A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Your group of special forces are ordered to kill a leader that hiding in an old cabin in the woods.  But the mission doesn't go as expected and the owner of the house is not an ordinary man.  It will happen parallel to the main story  and will introduce the player to some mechanics and relive some additional story.

Keep in mind, a lot of mechanics are still in  development and most of the stress breakdowns are procedural so please  bear with me.

Main Story:

Long war coming to the end and  main character losing his old friend in tremendous event. During his search for him he stumbled upon some mysterious clues and only you can decide how to interpret them and which way to progress.

Spontaneous anxiety attacks will hit at random or unsuitable times. How bad they will be depending on the current level of stress.The level of stress is formed in the process of the game. 

The path to yourself is thorny and lonely. Through the game, the hero will be able to think how much he is ready to choose himself and the corresponding responsibility. Decisions are important and all enemies are very dangerous.


Exi(s)t.zip 451 MB
Exi(s)t_Mac.app.zip 463 MB

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